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Legal Translation

Specialists in Legal Translation SPS Traduções is known by legal translation, true specialization and priority in our translation work. Our translators in this area are lawyers, attorneys and trainee lawyers. With the objective of ...

Technical Translation

Specialists in Technical Translation Besides generic translation and legal translation, SPS Translations has a group of specialized translators in other areas, assuring a quality technical translation. Our translators, whose mother language is always the final language are ...

Translation in Portuguese

Portuguese Translation Portuguese (European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese) is one of the most spoken languages in the world. SPS Traduções offers a service of excellence in what ...

Generic Translation

Translation into the Portuguese language (European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese) has been distinguished by our “in house” professionals. Our linguists are extremely specialized in each work area (law, economics, engineering, tourism, etc.)

Website Translation

We fully translate websites which can contribute to any business’ international expansion. As it is known, the Internet is a corporate low cost communication vehicle, reaching a general consumer population. The broadening of this potential ...

Marketing Services

Marketing is a set of operations through which an entrepreneur or any liberal professional reaches the consumer or a group of potential consumers. In our company we count on extremely specialized marketing managers, able to ...

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